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Our Glass Repair Service

Save money by opting for a speedy and secure windshield repair instead of a costly replacement.

Delaying the repair could make it worse!

Promptly address any damage to your windshield that is smaller than the circumference of a half dollar coin or quarter through professional repair. Delaying the repair will only heighten the risk of the damage spreading, eventually requiring a complete replacement. While repairs may not completely erase the evidence of the crack, there will be a faint outline if you actively search for it. However, rest assured that the repair will effectively prevent further spreading.

Katie Repairing a Glass
Katie with glass repairing equipment

How does it work?

To initiate the repair process, any debris that could impede the restoration is meticulously cleared from the damaged glass. Subsequently, a specialized windshield repair resin is used to fill the damaged area under pressure. This comprehensive procedure typically spans from 15 minutes to an hour, ensuring a thorough repair. Once completed, you can confidently resume your day without any hindrances.

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